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Invited speakers

  • Rafael Bru (Spain): On incomplete decompositions of inverses (abstract),
  • Ludwig Elsner (Germany): On Hessenberg matrices and their generalizations (abstract),
  • Daniel A. Griffith (USA): A numerical study of planar and near-planar adjacency matrices used in geographical analysis (abstract),
  • Charles Johnson (USA): Possible Jordan Structures for A, B, and C, when C = AB (abstract),
  • Thomas Klein (Germany): Loewner comparability of moment matrices in cubic mixture models (abstract),
  • Joao Tiago Mexia (Portugal): Canonical Forms for Factorial and Related Models (abstract),
  • Juan Manuel Pena (Spain): On bounds and localization results for the eigenvalues of structured matrices (abstract),
  • Friedrich Pukelsheim (Germany): The European Parliament election in the Treaty on a Constitution for Europe: An electorate of degressive valencies (abstract),
  • Siegfried Rump (Germany): Toeplitz structured perturbations (abstract),
  • George P.H. Styan (Canada): An illustrated philatelic introduction to magic square matrices (abstract),
  • Goetz Trenkler (Germany): On the distance and the angle of subspaces (abstract),
  • Richard Varga (USA),
  • Roman Zmyslony (Poland): Jordan algebra and statistical inference in linear mixed models (abstract).

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