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Contributed papers

  • Oskar Maria Baksalary (Poland) and Goetz Trenkler (Germany): Further properties of a pair of orthogonal projectors (abstract),
  • Prashant Batra (Germany): Infinite matrices - computable stability conditions for time-delay systems (abstract),
  • Michal Beim (Poland): Application of numerical methods to the modeling of suburbs' growth (abstract),
  • Frank Bloemeling (Germany): MLS model reduction for second-order time-invariant dynamical systems (abstract),
  • Francisco Carvalho and Joao T. Mexia (Portugal): Canonic inference and commutative orthogonal block structures (abstract),
  • Carlos A. Coelho and Filipe J. Marques (Portugal): Testing for structure in covariance matrices. The advantage of the use of conditionally independent tests in building near-exact distributions for the test statistics (abstract),
  • Vanesa Cortes and Juan Manuel Pena (Spain): Pivoting strategies and growth factor (abstract),
  • Ricardo Covas and Joao Tiago Mexia (Portugal): Lattices of commutative Jordan algebras, remarks and some applications (abstract),
  • Andrzej Dabrowski (Poland): Process monitoring based on multivariate statistical analysis (abstract),
  • Pierre Druilhet and Alain Mom (France): A statistical interpretation of Krylov subspaces decomposition (abstract),
  • Stanislaw Galas (Poland): Responsible for evaluating process capability and implementing statistical methods in the Site (abstract),
  • Rafael Bru, Cristina Corral, Isabel Gimenez, and Jose Mas (Spain): On singular and nonsingular H-matrices (abstract),
  • Mariusz Grzadziel (Poland): On determinant maximization with linear matrix inequality constraints and REML estimators of variance components (abstract),
  • Jan Hauke and Tomasz Kossowski (Poland): Comparison of values of Pearson's and Spearman's correlation coefficient on the same sets of data (abstract),
  • Pavel Jiranek and Miro Rozloznik (Czech Republic): On the limiting accuracy of segregated saddle point solvers (abstract),
  • Rafael Bru (Spain), Ljiljana Cvetkovic (Serbia), Francisco Pedroche (Spain) and Vladimir Kostic (Serbia): New results on subdirect sums of S-strictly diagonally dominant matrices (abstract),
  • Ljiljana Cvetkovic (Serbia), Tomasz Szulc (Poland), Vladimir Kostic (Serbia) and Maja Kovacevic (Serbia): Some invariants of Schur complement derived from scaling approach (abstract),
  • Dorota Kubalinska and Angelika Bunse-Gerstner (Germany): Interpolation based model reduction (abstract),
  • Erkki P. Liski (Finland): Model averaging for linear regression (abstract),
  • Antti Liski and Reijo Sund (Finland): A propensity score approach to comparing costs between hospital districts (abstract),
  • Filipe J. Marques and Carlos A. Coelho (Portugal): Near-exact distributions for testing the equality and sphericity of several covariance matrices: the multisample sphericity test (abstract),
  • Halina Michalska (Poland): Responsible for measurement systems improvement and implementing Lean Manufacturing (abstract),
  • Andrzej Michalski (Poland): On using generalized Cramer-Rao inequality to REML estimation in linear models (abstract),
  • Martin Ohlson (Sweden): Distributions of quadratic forms (abstract),
  • Tadeusz Ostrowski (Poland): On properties of special saddle point matrices (abstract),
  • Rafael Bru (Spain), Ljiljana Cvetkovic (Serbia), Vladimir Kostic (Serbia) and Francisco Pedroche (Spain): Characterization of alpha-matrices (abstract),
  • Simo Puntanen (Finland) and George P. H. Styan (Canada): A conversation with Sujit Kumar Mitra in 1993 and some comments on his research publications (abstract),
  • Rafael Canto, Beatriz Ricarte and Ana M. Urbano (Spain): The positive realization problem in normal transfer matrices with simple real poles (abstract),
  • Tatjana Nahtman (Estonia) and Dietrich von Rosen (Sweden): Singular structured matrix with integer spectrum (abstract),
  • Katarzyna Filipiak and Rafal Rozanski (Poland): Some properties of information matrices of complete designs under an interference model (abstract),
  • Alicja Smoktunowicz (Poland): How and How Not to Compute the Moore-Penrose Inverse (abstract),
  • Agnieszka Suchocka (Poland): Incomplete alternating projection method for large inconsistent linear systems (abstract),
  • Anna Szczepanska (Poland): Optimal designs in multivariate linear models (abstract),
  • Wojciech Tadej (Poland): Continuous affine families of unitary Hadamard matrices (abstract),
  • Kimmo Vehkalahti (Finland): Enhancing the documentation by leaving useful traces (abstract),
  • Zbigniew I. Woznicki (Poland): The solution of continuous-time algebraic Riccati equations by means of the SOR-LIKE method (abstract),
  • Alexander Gomilko (Ukraine), Iwona Wrobel (Poland) and Jaroslav Zemanek (Poland): Numerical ranges in a strip (abstract).

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